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Do You Need Finance for an Investment Property Project?

If you’re looking at your financing options for an investment property or want to know how you can fund a property development Swift Property Finance may have the answer for you. We can help you secure the best loan for investment property projects whether you’re planning to refurbish an existing property or build from the ground up. We focus on short-term loans with a quick turnaround time so that you can get on with your project.

Investment Property Finance from Swift
Investment Property Finance

What is an investment property loan?

It’s exactly as it sounds! Essentially we are talking about a loan for any property that it is not going to be used significantly by you as a commercial or residential property. If you are thinking about buying a commercial property such as an office or a shop, take a look at our specialist page about commercial property investments. However, if you are considering buying a house for renovation or want to fund a self-build and want to investigate your financing options for investment properties, then read on and discover how to raise finance for property investments.

Finance for new developments

What types of investment property projects can I fund?

There are all kinds of investment property projects that you may want to fund. These may include buying a property to refurbish or make substantial improvements, and then sell on or rent out, or buying homes to add to a property portfolio. Or you may be embarking on a self-build project or ground-up development. Swift Property Finance specialises in providing short-term loans – with terms no longer than 24 months – to people like you who want to raise funds quickly to support their property project.

These short-term bridging loans may particularly be the best loan structure for investment property if you are purchasing property at auction. This is because they can be completed in a relatively short time meaning you can meet the 28 day deadline for completion imposed by most auction houses.
(Read more about auction loans)

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More About Short-Term Loans

How much can I borrow?

The short-term loans that Swift Property Finance deals in calculate the value of the loan based on the market value of the property. This is great news for property developers like you as it means that whether you can meet payments or what you actually paid for the property is not considered. Rather the lender is more interested in how you will repay the loan at the end of the loan term. You also won’t be penalised with any early repayment charges.

What are the interest rates?

Interest rates on short-term loans tend to be higher than those on other financial products. Having said that it should be remembered that as the terms are so much shorter, there is less time for interest to accrue which will clearly impact on the amount that will need to be repaid. Generally interest rates range between 0.7% per month to 1.3% per month.

How ‘short’ is short-term?

Loan terms vary between lenders with the longest term for a ‘short-term’ loan being around 2 years. If you know you will be in a position to repay the loan more quickly however, you can find loans with terms as short as a few months.

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Why Swift Property Finance Trustworthy, Bespoke, Independent, Quick

Swift are FCA regulated for your peace of mind

Personal Service

We have extensive experience in working with people embarking on a range of investment property projects. What we’ve learned is that no two projects are the same, and that’s why Swift Property Finance gives all customers a service tailored to their needs, and look at each individual’s investment property loan requirements.

Fast Completion

You’ve settled on your project and now your need to the funds from your investment property loan as quickly as possible. Swift Property Finance will help you get to completion as soon as you can, often within 5 days.

Swift give you quick results
Swift give independent and impartial advice

FCA Approved

In order to give you and your project security, Swift Property Finance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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